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The sustainability policies promoted by our Group can be viewed at the dedicated minisite. The publication of analysis, data and insights on ESG issues are at the core of our commitment and we wish to share them with all our stakeholders.

Integrated Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2021

Presezzi Extrusion was established in 1994 as a supplier of machinery for the extrusion industry. Today it is one of the leading manufacturers of extrusion presses in the world and his name has become synonymous of HIGH LEVEL TECHNOLOGY and FLEXIBILITY in the design and construction of various types of presses for aluminum, hard alloy, copper and brass.

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Why Choose Us

Because we always look to the future

the quality of our products is the starting point for the design of new solutions projected towards the future, thanks to specific investments in the R&D department. We are proud to offer our customers our Energy Saving System;

Because we are part of Presezzi Extrusion Group

we can offer our customers a variety of services related to the world of extrusion products, presenting us as a solid and well established company that designs and manufactures all the equipment needed for a complete extrusion line;

Because customer satisfaction is our main goal

our technical office is able to help our customers around the world, providing quick and effective solutions;

Because we are dynamic

we enthusiastically carry on every project , achieving all new machines with the utmost passion and professionalism possible to offer our clients the best solutions to their needs;

Because we offer unique projects

each project we do is unique and unrepeatable, we build our machines step by step with our customers to reach an important goal: the perfection of the result;